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Lychee Fruit

When you peel off the bumpy red skin you are introduced to the crisp, sweet and juicy flesh of the Lychee. The Lychee has a unique taste all its own that you are sure to enjoy!

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Jack Fruit

The flavor of the jack is commonly compared to a combonation of banana, pineapple, mango and apple. The Jack fruit is also known for its sweet and fruity aroma.

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The Mango is one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics, but few have tasted a genuine heirloom Mango, straight from the tree with no preservatives or chemicals.

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Sweet Bananas

This yummy fruit is actually a staple startch in many cultures, especially in the tropics. The entire banana can be eaten, even the skin, cooked or raw. The taste of the banana goes from startchy to sweet as it ripens.

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If you have ever used Worcestershire sauce then you have eaten the Tamarind, but it also has many other uses. The ripened fruit is used in jams, juices, ice cream, sorbets, and as a pickling agent.

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The delicious Canistel can be eaten raw. It has sweet flesh with the texture of a hard boiled egg, wich is why it is sometimes called the

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The Sapodilla is also a evergreen tree native to Central America and southern Mexico. It is used as a wind breaker as well as a ornamental. The Sapodilla fruit has a very sweet, malty flavor.

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The Papaya or the

From $10/ lb

Kaimana Lychee Fruit

The Kaimana is a large red fruit with mostly with medium size seeds. This I also called lychee nut or litchi.