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MycoStim Root Treatment

MycoStim is an organic soil innoculant and root stimulant treatment that contains Mycorrhizal beneficial fungi that colonize plant roots and greatly increase the roots ability to absorb nutrients and water.

24$ / lb

Black Gold Compost Extract

RichEarth™ Black Gold is a high quality powdered compost extract that when mixed with water can be used in place of solid compost for your container planted lychee tree or to assist the solid compost mulch of ground planted lychee trees.

10$ / lb

Exel LG Foliar Fertilizer

Phyto-Fos™, a plant energy food, is a new, source of phosphorous that can make a significant fruit yield and quality difference in lychee trees and other tropicals. Once inside the plant, exel increases plant metabolism so plants grow faster.

25$ / 32oz